About us

About us

An entrepreneur’s story

Chaparral Energy is a testament to American entrepreneurialism – the freedom to succeed.

Our story is one that embodies innovation, resourcefulness, creativity, financial responsibility, and loyalty to the community. Chaparral was founded on these principles, and they have been an integral contributor to our success.

Founded 25 years ago by Mark Fischer, independently-owned Chaparral Energy has grown to become a $3.5 billion enterprise, employing more than 700 people. Energy companies are nothing new in Oklahoma, but Chaparral has set itself apart as a company willing to explore new avenues for profit.


An unconventional approach.

What makes us different is our focus on Mid-Continent petroleum basins where we use a range of state-of-the-art technology to extract the most from previously discovered hydrocarbon resources. Our technologies include horizontal drilling with modern hydraulic fracture stimulations for “unconventional” reservoirs, along with CO2 EOR techniques for reservoirs that have previously undergone secondary recovery operations.

The term "unconventional" resources, from a drilling perspective, defines oil & gas reserves in low-permeability or non-homogenous formations that have never been fully exploited because they were thought not to be commercially viable. 

Chaparral currently maintains an inventory of drilling opportunities in three of these resource plays, and is continuing to develop additional candidates. Many of our CO2 EOR reservoirs were essentially scheduled for abandonment by other energy companies because they didn’t have the expertise to handle tertiary recovery type operations. Chaparral is an expert in this field. 

One of our achievements has been to carve a niche in the energy industry with our leadership in the application of CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques. Our expertise in this technology has enabled us to bring dying oil fields back to life and to make them profitable again.

Our involvement in CO2 EOR has also made us a leader in carbon sequestration, a practice actively encouraged by the U.S. Department of Energy. Chaparral purchases CO2 exclusively from anthropogenic (man-made) sources such as fertilizer and ethanol plants — CO2 that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. The CO2 in our EOR projects, if no longer needed by us, can be permanently sequestered deep underground, in a process the DOE touts as “one of the best alternatives for dealing with carbon emissions.”


We've only just hit our prime.

We have enjoyed great success with both types of assets because of our unique capabilities. Only eight percent of all companies reach 25 years of age. After 25 years, Chaparral is just entering its prime. We're the rising star in Mid-Continent oil & gas production with leading positions in several horizontal drilling plays, and are one of only a handful of companies utilizing of CO2 EOR. Watch us grow.